About the Foundation

MISSION STATEMENTThe Hobie Memorial Foundation is dedicated to creating a landmark featuring Hobie Alter, whose legacy is a large part of the cultural and industrial history of Dana Point through his innovations in surfing, boating, and skateboarding. Upon completion of the memorial, the Foundation will continue to work to keep Hobie’s flame alive through scholarships and active community engagement.


Meet the Board of Directors


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Robbie Roberson, President

Owner, Spartan Marine Inc. 

“It was a fantastic opportunity for me to work for Hobie; from the surfboard factory, to building all of his boats. It would be a great honor to supervise the construction of a memorial that will keep his flame alive so that future generations can see what an iconic entrepreneur, first-class craftsman, and a genuine good friend he was to all who know him.” 

Robbie Roberson

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Bruce Beal, Vice President  

Attorney at Law, Dana Point Historical Society

“As the originator and Director of the Surfing Heritage Projects of the Dana Point Historical Society, the producer of a manuscript, “Oceanic Heritage Paper & Projects, Surfing and Sailing,” which describes the unique modern surf culture and industry which originated in Dana Point, and a promoter of a bronze statue in Dana Point of Hobie for years, it is my honor and pleasure to serve on the Hobie Memorial Committee.”

– Bruce Beal

Wayne Schafer, Honorary Chairman

Wayne Schafer was a longtime friend of Hobie, fellow surfer, and co-worker (design and development of the Hobie Cat). He is a world-renowned catamaran sailor and was inducted into the National Hall of Fame, Catamaran Sailor Magazine alongside Hobie in 1996-97.

I was just getting into surfing and some friends told me Hobie was the guy to go to for a board.  I went to his garage and we struck up a 60-year friendship.  Every board I’ve ever had has been a Hobie.”

 –Wayne Schafer

Bob Minty, Board Member

1st Vice President of Programs, Dana Point Historical Society

“It has been a thrill to research and acquire exhibits featuring Hobie’s milestones (located at the Dana Point Historical Society Museum). These exhibits feature Hobie from the sidewalks and streets balancing on his clay wheel Vita-Pakt Skateboard and motorized Surf Rider, to the sky in the magical Hobie Glider, and to the water on his beautiful custom surfboards and Hobie Cats. What a ride it has created!”

Bob Minty

You can visit the museum at Dana Point City Hall, Suite 104, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 1:00-3:00 pm, and by appointment for groups.


Artists of the Hobie Memorial Foundation

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Bill Limebrook


Lance Jost

“Hobie Alter was bigger than life for those of us that followed in his wake. I saw how gracious he was to extend opportunities to many of my close friends in the surf community. Many otherwise aimless surf bums found direction and dignity in the sports industry. 

When I learned of his passing, along with my sadness I realized that he and his accomplishments must be commemorated in a public and permanent fashion. Serendipitously, the City of Dana Point recognized the importance and value of supporting the creation of a monumental bronze sculpture of Hobie, and provided an excellent, fitting, and very visible public location at the entryway to Dana Point.

I am honored and pleased to be able to design and sculpt this memorial for Hobie Alter.”

-Lance Jost





We deeply appreciate Donna Jost for her work on the Hobie Memorial website and Hobie Memorial Newsletter. Donna was integral to the launch of the Hobie Memorial project and we are grateful for her time and contribution to the Foundation.                                                                                                                                                                      

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