HOBIE ALTER5-shaped an industry

MISSION STATEMENT:  To work towards acquiring public and private funding to construct a memorial honoring Hobie Alter’s life and his many contributions to the surfing, boating, and skateboarding industries.

Hobie Alter’s contributions to the surfing industry and culture have earned him the honor of having a memorial erected within Dana Point. A fitting location for the Hobie Memorial, Dana Point is the home of the first Hobie Surfboard shop, which opened on PCH in 1954, where Surfer Magazine was created, where Bruce Brown produced The Endless Summer, and many more, all of which was the catalyst for the surfing industry’s launch into the mainstream of society.

The surfing lifestyle that Hobie and a handful of surfers created in the 1950’s and 1960’s has been long-lived by the citizens of Dana Point. Now it’s time for the City to pay homage to these pioneers, and it should begin with Hobie Alter.

Artist, Lance Jost will create the memorial, which will depict Hobie’s contributions; surfing, shaping, skateboarding, and sailing. Jost’s resume includes two of the mosaics on the Doheny Pedestrian Bridge, the art on the Mary Ellen Thomas Memorial Fountain in La Plaza Park, and the 15 Stations of the Cross, located at Rancho Capistrano in San Juan.

For more information regarding this project or how you can donate, please email hobiememorial@gmail.com.

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