Board of Directors

President: Robbie Roberson, Owner, Spartan Marine

“It was a fantastic opportunity for me to work for Hobie; from the surfboard factory, to building all of his boats. It would be a great honor to supervise the construction of a memorial that will keep his flame alive so that future generations can see what an iconic entrepreneur, first-class craftsman, and a genuine good friend he was to all who know him.” 


Vice President: Bruce Beal, Attorney at Law, Dana Point Historical Society

“As the originator and Director of the Surfing Heritage Projects of the Dana Point Historical Society, the producer of a manuscript, “Oceanic Heritage Outline,” which describes the unique modern surf culture and industry which originated in Dana Point, and a promoter of a bronze statue in Dana Point of Hobie for years, it is my honor and pleasure to serve on the Hobie Memorial Committee.”

– Bruce Beal


Treasurer: Nancy Jenkins, Dana Point Historical Society

“I have a passion for Arts & Culture! What a wonderful opportunity to support both the arts for Dana Point, as well as our surfing and boating culture through the Hobie Alter Memorial.”

– Nancy Jenkins

Board Member: Barbara Force Johannes, President, Dana Point Historical Society

“Surfing has been part of Dana Point’s culture since the 1930s when teens who surfed Dana Cove and the Strand, were taught to surf by Lorrin “Whitey” Harrison on surfboards made in his garage, and were amazed when he surfed “Killer Dana”.

Hobie Alter and friends carried on the tradition beginning in the 1950s-1960s when he opened the first surf shop in Dana Point, created the Hobie Cat in Capistrano Beach, and employed many of the famous surfers of the day.

The Hobie Alter Memorial offers us the opportunity to acknowledge his impressive contributions to the surfing industry and the lifestyle enjoyed by today’s watermen and waterwomen.”

– Barbara Force Johannes

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