Hobie Timeline

“The ‘California Lifestyle’ is…no hard leather shoes, no jobs that require a suit and tie, and never work East of Pacific Coast Highway.”

– Hobie Alter & Dick Metz

1950     Hobie Alter designs his first balsawood surfboards

1954     Hobie Alter opens first inventory retail surfboard shop

1957     First to use wooden stringers in a foam blank1

1958     Hobie Alter manufactures the first commercially successful polyurethane foam and fiberglass surfboards

1961     Hobie Alter won the West Coast Surfing Championships

1962     Hobie Alter becomes competitive tandem competitor, winning the Pacific Coast Tandem Championship in 1962 & 19632    

1962     Hobie Alter mass produces skateboards

1963     Hobie Alter releases the first “signature model” surfboard

1964     Hobie Alter made the Guinness Book of World Records by surfing the wake of a motorboat 26 miles from Long Beach to Catalina Island.3

1966     Hobie Alter produces sports apparel

1968     Hobie Alter christens the first Hobie Cat catamaran, designed and developed on Capistrano Beach by Alter, Wayne Schafer, Sandy Banks and Phil Edwards

1972     Hobie Alter’s Hobie Cat becomes the world’s bestselling catamaran

1982     Hobie Alter was made a Charter Member of the Sailing Hall of Fame.4

1982     Hobie Alter introduces Hobie sunglasses

1996     Hobie Alter is inducted into the Catamaran Sailor Magazine’s National Hall of Fame

1987     Second largest producer of beachwear in America, behind Ocean Pacific5

1988     The Hobie 21 won “Boat of the Year” by Sail Magazine6

1993     Hobie Alter receives the Waterman Achievement Award

1997     Hobie Alter is inducted into the Huntington Beach Walk of Fame

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A Beach History of Dana Point, prepared for the Dana Point/Capistrano Beach Historical Society by Bruce Beal, JD, and Marlene Beal, MA, October 2003

Oceanic Heritage Outline, Surfing & Oceanic Heritage Projects of Dana Point, The Dana Point Historical Society, Produced & Written by Bruce Beal with an assist from Marlene Beal, Revision Date: March 25, 2014

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