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The title to the memorial will be “Hobie  Riding the Wave of Success.” We chose to base the memorial off of this photo because it represents Hobie himself sailing the Hobie Cat 14, the iconic design that turned “Hobie” into an international name. The Hobie memorial will be a bronzed Hobie Alter sailing a full-scale, bronzed Hobie Cat 14 atop a wave and mounted on a 5-ft high, cast concrete base. There will be bronze reliefs depicting Hobie’s surfboard-building days in the 1950’s.

hobie memorial
Sketch of the Hobie Alter Memorial
Artist, Lance Jost, sculpting the wave for the Hobie Memorial.

The sculpture is designed by California artist, Lance Jost, known already in Dana Point for two art installations commissioned by the city. In 2008, he created two mosaics for the new pedestrian bridge at Doheny Beach that spans over Pacific Coast Highway, “Surfers at Sunset” and “Breaching Whales.” In 2011, both the City of Dana Point and the estate of Mary Ellen Thomas commissioned Jost and Yvonne English to create the “Mary Ellen Thomas Memorial Fountain,” an illuminating fountain located in La Plaza Park. In addition to Dana Point, Jost has created several California landmarks in Riverside, San Bernadino, San Juan Capistrano, and Laguna Beach.

“Hobie Riding the Wave of Success” will be located on Pacific Coast Highway across from Doheny State Park in Dana Point, California. The linear concrete park will also feature bronze statues of Hobie’s closest friends who have made surfing history; Phil Edwards, Bruce Brown, Mickey Munoz, Walter and Flippy Hoffman, Lorin Harrison, among others, who were responsible for Dana Point’s heritage in water sporting.

Below are renderings for the memorial created by Summers Murphy & Partners Landscape Architectural Design Firm for Zephyr Development.

Hobie Memorial View

D110451_Doheny-Village_Site1 Sketchup8_Hobie_View 2.jpg

D110451_Doheny-Village_Site1 Sketchup8_Hobie_View 4.jpg

D110451_Doheny-Village_Site1 Sketchup8_Hobie_View 5.jpg

D110451_Doheny-Village_Site1 Sketchup8_Hobie_View 6.jpg

D110451_Doheny-Village_Site1 Sketchup8_Hobie_View 7.jpg

D110451_Doheny-Village_Site1 Sketchup8_Hobie_View 8.jpg

D110451_Doheny-Village_Site1 Sketchup8_Hobie_View 12.jpg

Below are models and the actual memorial in production.

Inspiration designing the memorial at Beach Road…

Lance Jost

Lance Jost working on model.

Base-Right Side-7-9-16-2


Sculpture in production at Spartan Marine Co.

Artist Lance Jost, draws a sculpture of the Hobie Alter memorial statue in the sand where he says Hobart “Hobie” Alter draw his first design of the Hobie Cat catamarans, as Bruce Beal, from left, Wayne Schafer and Robbie Roberson, look on.
Robbie Roberson, holds a drawing of a sculpture of the Hobie Alter memorial statue, as artist Lance Jost measures Wayne Schafer, a stand in model for the sculpture, as The Hobie memorial committee board members look on.
Bruce Beal, Wayne Schafer, Barbara Johannes, Robbie Roberson, & Jeff Alter
Byron Kurt and Scott Zanio
Byron Kurt & Scott Zanio
Hobie Memorial
Byron Kurt, Scott Zanio, and Robbie Roberson from the back


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Here are photos of artist, Lance Jost, working on the wave.